The Lavender Railroad

Imagine they’ll kill you if they find out you’re gay. The Lavender Railroad explores a near future that tests the faith of individuals facing no-win situations and obliges them to make moral choices. In the first part, Safe House, a fugitive named Sebastian meets his mysterious rescuer, an older man who calls himself Mother Courage. In the second part, Ex Cathedra, a nun discovers that a female government security officer is a former lover. The link between the two stories is the Lavender Railroad, which brings hope to those who are trying to stay alive.

Winner, 2011 Rideau Awards for Outstanding Direction; Outstanding Performance, Female. Nominee, 2011 Rideau Awards for Outstanding New Creation; Outstanding Design.

An excerpt from Ex Cathedra has been published in the Maple Tree Literary Supplement.

Two one-act plays. Safe House: 2 actors (male); Ex Cathedra: 2 actors (female).

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