What’s New at Arts Court?

What’s new at Arts Court?

No one seems to know.

It’s been some months since the serious challenges facing the facility became known, as I’ve discussed in an earlier post, and it’s been a month since staff were let go and the Ottawa Arts Court Foundation officially announced its demise.

So now what’s happening?


It’s been awfully quiet, with no real news about how the facility might be managed in the future or what’s going to happen to the proposed new addition to the facility. Which leads many people to assume that no news is bad news.

The theatre has been meeting its existing commitments through the summer – “My Name is Asher Lev” opens tonight for a run through August 25th – and the City of Ottawa proclaims that it’s available for rental after September 1, though there’s no information about who’s actually managing the place and there’s certainly no news about what’s happening to the capital project.

The arts community continues to ask questions – there’s a Facebook group called the Phoenix Project, for example – and there’s a petition calling on the city to ensure that the facility remain accessible to users.

And there are various rumors with varying degrees of credibility as to potential white knights who might step in to save the day.

So what’s really going on?



2 thoughts on “What’s New at Arts Court?

  1. Well, the current rumour is that Lisa Zanyck (I have no idea who this person is, all I’ve been told is that she works for the City of Ottawa) will be put in charge on an interim basis commencing in September. At that time, they will put out a Request for Proposals for a group or groups to run the facility. I guess the best proposal will win! Again, this is all second-hand information, but I have heard it corroborated by more than one source. The City has had NO sessions with the theatre/arts community to explain what is going on. Strange times indeed.