Lawrence Aronovitch is a playwright who lives in Ottawa, Canada. His works have been performed in theaters in Canada, the United States, England and Ireland.

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Lines from the play Safe House by Lawrence AronovitchHis work covers a range of styles. One play may be an engaging comedy of manners while the next might offer a look into dark brooding dystopias. Like many playwrights, Lawrence likes to take an idea, an image, or a concept and explore the human relationships that ensue.

Lines from the play Galatea by Lawrence AronovitchThe relationships in Lawrence’s plays might be as simple as two gay men meeting and falling in love; or as complex as a man and a woman talking about anything except why they broke up.

Lines from the play Ex Cathedra by Lawrence AronovitchAudiences appreciate and enjoy the relationships he creates between his characters and his facility with the language in the conversations his characters have with each other.